Destin, Florida: Day Seven (First Light)

First Light

This is going to be a short, but good post!

I woke up early that morning at 5:45 AM to catch the sunrise and first light over the water. I had been putting off getting up before the sun and I finally beat it, on the last day! Better late than never! I was truly glad that I finally did it though. It was so nice and the cool sand between my toes is such an awesome, unforgettable feeling!

On Thursday, the water had risen up unusually high during high tide and by Saturday, the water was still there and left pools of water. As the waves came and went, it created little channels and was pretty neat.

So after, I took my few pictures and headed back up. It was a final pack up and trip down to the car to load up and head out for our 12 hour drive back to Dallas. It’s definitely not as fun knowing you’re heading back to the real world, but all good things must come to an end.

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. I loved every minute of the trip and it was so nice to get away. I hope the oil spill doesn’t leave to great an impact and that it gets plugged soon (as early as this weekend as they are going to try and cut it off and cap it again). I also hope that I get a chance to go back soon and experience the memories again.

Until next time Destin!
And that’s pretty much all I have for Destin, Florida! I am going to sleep now. Tomorrow morning I leave for Wyoming. I will see y’all tomorrow in Jackson, Wyoming when I get to tour the Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone! Expect tons of pictures and nightly blog posts!

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