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Snowmageddon: The Aftermath (Part 2)

The Aftermath

So the snow finally stopped early this morning. In total, it dropped 12.5″, the most in a 24 hour period since January of 1964 (12.1″). Last night we lost power twice. Once for 20 seconds and then again for 5 hours. Some people still don’t have their power back, which really sucks. I can’t imagine not having power for more than a few minutes. I’d be bored and freezing out of my mind.

It’s days like this that I’m glad I have boots. I could walk all over and through the snow and slush without getting wet or cold. This morning, the roads weren’t too bad. By the time I got out, thing were dripping wet and there was a ton of water on the roads. I must say though, backing out on a driveway full of snow is just the oddest thing. The sound of your tires going over snow is just such an eerie sound. Another weird snow related sound is when you’re driving down a street at 45 and a huge clump of snow from a line of trees decides to fall write on your windshield and makes a big thud.
Ok, back to the Olympics…. Enjoy the pictures.

Mushroom snowtop table