Twenty Fifteen in Review – Year of Miles

For so long I waited for 2015 to be here. It’s now concluding and it’s once again time to look back. One year ago, I made this post on 2014 and looked forward to this year with some predictions. The biggest accomplishment of 2015 was having matched to my number one residency program and graduating from medical school. I spent a large part of this year traveling and being away from home (about 15 weeks if memory serves – 4 weeks in Austin, TX on an away rotation, staying with a best friend and about 11 weeks on vacation across the globe). Since July 1, I have worked some of the longest days and nights and have spent 80 hours a week at the hospital at a time.

One of my noted goals from last year was to travel more, and travel more this year I did. Can one ever travel too much? I don’t think so. But there were times I was glad to be home, only to look forward to my next trip. Last year, I flew about 20k miles. This year, it totaled nearly 50% more in flights alone, just shy of 30,000 miles flown on American, US Airways, Southwest, Cathay Pacific, and JAL visiting about 11 different countries – USA, Canada, Mexico, , Bermuda, Japan (layover), Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, St. Maarten, Honduras, and Belize. On the high seas, I amassed about 6,700 miles sailed on three cruises (two in the western Caribbean and one to Bermuda). And by car, about 6,000 + miles driven on road trips. Where did I get to visit? Some amazing countries, beautiful cities, and many gorgeous national parks in the US and abroad.

This is what 30,000 miles looks like.
Where 3 weeks on the road can take you.
Where 3 weeks on the road can take you.

Total Distance Traveled

  • 30,000 by plane
  • 6,700 by boat
  • 6,000 by car

A years worth of incredible journey, memories, and photos … priceless.

Wrapping it up, 2015 was an amazing year with travel, new opportunities, a new job (career really), and countless memories. Last year I wanted to go on more cruises (check), visit more continents (check), and more road trips (check!). I hope everyone has had a great 2015 as well and hope 2016 is even better. I don’t know that I will ever have quite the time to travel as much as I have this year (at least not anytime soon), but In 2016, I hope to visit even more places and spend even more time with family and friends, all the while, learning and experiencing new things!

Goodbye 2015, hello 2016!

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