Day 2-3: Sunny Sailing Ahead on the Magic

The first couple full days aboard the Magic were “Fun Days” at sea. The Fun moniker is big at Carnival and taking a look around the ship, you can see that they make it easy to do. Everything about the ship exudes fun and entertainment. The decor is very colorful (to the point of gaudy in some places), red and blue are vibrant themes throughout, and there is usually music on every corner of the ship. The maitre d’ in our dining room closed every evening’s dinner with, “Remember, have some fun. Fun, fun fun!

Carnival Magic Schedule

The schedule above shows our itinerary for the week. During the course of the night, the weather cleared up and it was smooth sailing. The next morning, it began warming up and it was nice and sunny! There was an announcement that over the night, the ship made a brief detour and circled back when a patient had a “mild heart attack” and was airlifted by the Coast Guard. It’s always comforting to know that they can provide emergency medical attention at sea through their on-board clinic or evacuation if necessary even you’re out at sea.

We took our fun days very relaxing as we wanted to enjoy the vacation. We spent our time exploring the 12-deck (story) ship, eating, reading, and enjoying the beautiful views at sunset at sea. There were a lot of other activities going on like games and contests, bingo, classes, art auctions, comedy shows, duty-free shopping, the gym and spa, and the casino.

This monkey was hanging at the door to the towel animal folding class.
This monkey was hanging at the door to the towel animal folding class.

Except for evening set-dining at 6PM, all of the other food can be found up on deck 10, named Lido. This is where the pools and outdoor access are as well. There you can find the 24-7 pizza buffet where you can have your own pizza made, the Indian buffet, grill, sandwich shop, and the regular breakfast, lunch, dinner, and evening buffets. There’s always something to eat on deck 10.

If you know me, I try to eat pretty healthy for the most part. This was my breakfast the first two mornings. They always had a bunch of nice looking fresh fruit every morning. I love fruit, but I hate cutting it, so this was perfect to have so many choices.


The following two are lunch from the Cucina del Capitano Italian specialty restaurant and the last is from “Tandoor,” the Indian buffet. The tandoori chicken was excellent! The Indian staff on the ship really know how to cook!

P1050513 P1050511 P1050433 From bow (front) to stern (back).P1050506 P1050468

There was a lot of moisture in the air and so you could occasionally catch a rainbow pop up if you were lucky.

P1050518 P1050480

Except for the first day it was raining, I made it a point to catch sunset every evening and a few sunrises (which meant being up before 6 AM).

IMG_5548 IMG_5564Sunsets without clouds aren’t the most interesting, but sprinkle in some more clouds and the result can be quite dramatic.


The lighting each night and sunset was gorgeous! These are some of my favorites from the trip of the ship itself.



IMG_5577 IMG_5544 IMG_5545

Following sunset each evening at about 5:30PM, we’d have to get ready for dinner at 6PM.

Dinner Sunday night, was the first of two “captain dinners” where the dress was formal and they served lobster or filet mignon. Every other night was pretty casual, and the menu ranged from lesser cuts of steak, fish, seafood, to chicken, pork, or vegetable dishes.

lobstertail stuffedmushroom



Every night, the waiters would sing and dance. Since I’m terrible with song names and older music, I recognized very few. There was one night where they were all dancing to Gangnam Style which was hilarious.


One of our waiters, Gede, was really getting his dance moves on.


After dinner, we usually caught part of a show, walked around, or tried our luck in the casino. Every evening that they would come to turn down our sheets, they would leave a towel animal (these things were so cute), chocolates, and the schedule of activities for the next day.

P1050541 P1050460

More to come on the next days from Roatan (Honduras), Belize, and Cozumel (Mexico)!

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