139/365 – May 19, 2009 – Depth of Biology

Project88 Day 2 – Biology

I didn’t think today would take as long as it did, oh well, at least I’m 2/2 and am on track. Here’s a shot of the notes I took today, just some key points I want to remember.

Today, I finished early enough to squeeze in last night’s 2-hour season finale of 24 before dinner and took the evening off. The double episode finale was awesome! I just started watching this season’s 24 and don’t know why I waited so long before tuning in. Jack Bauer is just so pro. I was amazed at how exciting a show which is supposed to be set within 24 hours and presented in real time can be. Every minute of it was thrilling and I couldn’t see most twists and turns coming. I’m kinda sad all my favorite prime time shows are ending (Monday to Friday – Chuck, Heroes, 24, Lie to me, Southland, Prison Break, and Dollhouse).

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