137/365 – May 17, 2009 – Epic 88 Day MCAT Journey Begins

Project 88

Hello summer, goodbye weekend (wow that was fast), hello week 1 of my 88 day marathon of MCAT prep. For those that don’t know the MCAT stands for the Medical College Admissions Test. It is similar to the LSAT for law school, DAT for dental school, GMAT for business school, GRE for graduate school, and SAT for getting into college/university. It’s one of the many tests they devise to torture gauge a student in anticipation of their future. Yeah, it’s one of those big scary tests that makes or breaks you.

I will be sitting for the August 14 MCAT and have 88 days, approximately 13 weeks, to cram study my butt off. The exam is a mix of general chemistry, biology, physics (shudders), organic chemistry (cringes), verbal reasoning, and writing, so I’ve kinda divided my time to studying those topics. The study plan consists of reviewing all the material and then full length practice tests to get acquainted with the questions. Anyways, just thought I’d vent share and help hone those writing skills by killing two birds with one stone.

I will likely be blogging about it hopefully every step of the way (no promises here!)

Wish me luck!

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