Wyoming Day 7

It was an extremely early morning. I woke up at 4:15 and we had to leave the hotel and checkout at 4:45 in order to return the Prius back to Jackson and catch the 5:30 shuttle to the airport to make our flight. As it turns out, we probably didn’t need to get there that early, but it’s better safe than sorry.

This morning was extremely cold. It was in the upper 30°s when we dropped off the car and headed to the airport. After checking in our bags, it was a quick walk through security. It wasn’t busy at all at this time. Since we were so early, I got an opportunity to kick back and pretty much do nothing and listen to my ipod. The small terminal soon filled up with passengers and all the seats were filled.

When it was time to board, we were lucky to get upgrades to first class and get on the plane first. Walking out to the plane, I could see that the sun had already come up and it was still quite cold.

Beautiful, cold crisp morning!

Bye bye Wyoming!

On the plane, a simple breakfast was served (corn flakes, 2% milk, strawberry/banana yogurt, raisins, cinnamon raisin bagel and cream cheese, orange juice, and black tea). During the flight the showed clips from several NBC shows including The Office, Minute to Win It, and Parks and Recreation. While on the flight, I noticed that one of the guys sitting on the aisle had an Amazon Kindle, I couldn’t figure out if it was the larger one (DX) or the smaller one until I looked next to him on the other side of the aisle where another guy had the smaller kindle.So in the span of twelve hours, I saw my first Apple iPad at the hotel the night before, and both Amazon Kindles in the wild! For companies who tout how well they sell, I haven’t seen any of them.

After breakfast, I pulled out my laptop and started watching the rest of the Castle episode I watched on the way up. I barley finished it when the captain came on and said we were landing! I’m not sure if it was because we were in first class and got food, or if it was that much shorter back that the flight seemed so short. Either way, I was glad to be back home.

Coming off the plane on the jet-bridge, I could feel the heat creeping in. Gone were the signs of winter and back was the summer heat. It was 90° when I got out of the terminal and reached 103° that afternoon! Back in Jackson, I remember them saying on the news the night before that it was going to reach the year’s high at just under 90°. Poor them! They suggested to people to open up their windows at night and trap the cold air in the houses during the day to save energy. I would totally do that here but the lowest it gets even in the early morning is 80°.

Anyways, what pretty much concludes my Wyoming trip, I have a short writeup coming about what I learned.

Texas Motor Speedway, just north of Fort Worth.

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