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Wyoming Day 3 (East Yellowstone National Park)

Started off the morning with the usual breakfast buffet. The restaurant here has a menu but, more or less, everything on it is out in the buffet so there’s really no point in ordering just one thing since you can have waffles, eggs, and fruit or whatever you want. It’s strange though. The buffet includes everything including drinks (juice and coffee), but if you order off the menu with juice and coffee, it’s more expensive (so I was told). I don’t think they tell the waiters here that breakfast is free and included with all the rooms and is built into the resort fee. So whether you eat a lot or not, it’s all the same price.

First stopped to refuel, not something you average 50mpg.

The view from the gas station, the nicest I’ve ever seen!

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Wyoming Day 2 (Old Faithful + Other Stinky Geysers)

Woke up relatively early this morning (little before 8). We headed down to the hotel’s restaurant for the included breakfast. I didn’t know what to expect but they had a good sized buffet and a large menu. We chose the buffet. They had everything from toast to pastries and muffins, cereal and granola, eggs, potatoes, sausages, bacon, cantaloupe, pineapple, honeydew, berries, French toast, pancakes, and mini Belgian waffles! I probably missed a few items, but it’s excellent, and you can’t complain since it’s all included in the resort!

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Wyoming Day 1 (We Have Arrived!)

The flight this morning for Jackson Hole, Wyoming left the gate on time which was nice. As we were taxing out to the runway the captain came on and said there was a problem with an instrument panel and we had to return to the gate. Ugh I thought. About 5 minutes back to the gate, the captain came back on and announced that they had fixed it. I can just see the captain and copilot just banging on the dashboard till it fixed itself (because that’s what guys do). After an hour long delay, we were off.

During the flight, I was able to watch one and a half episodes of Castle, a new TV show I just started watching. During the flight, the lady next to me started painting her nails. Really? You couldn’t do that the night before or later at the hotel? You can just imagine the noatril-singing smell that just kept circulating over and over. Yummy.

As we were approaching Jackson, mountain started creeping up on the horizon and it started getting bumpy. As we were landing, I looked out the window and saw the Tetons to my right. Wow they were really tall and we were coming in right next to them! After we landed we deplaned on the tarmac. The mountain air was so crisp and fresh and it was beautiful. It was unbelievable landing and coming off so close to the Tetons.

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