Snow Day!

Canon 7D in the Snow
My Camera in the Snow

Craziness. So, earlier this week they were predicting snow. I didn’t think we would get much snow, but it turns out we got a ton. Since early this morning and until now (~6:30 P.M), it hasn’t stopped snowing! When I went to bed at like 1 AM last night, there was no snow and I was doubtful there would be any. To my surprise, when I got up at 9 this morning, there was at least 3-4 inches already on the ground! I took a quick walk this morning and took some pictures before heading to the lab to do some work. I also found out I’m done for the week since classes after 3 were canceled and a delayed start tomorrow at 11AM (so my 9:30AM photography class is also canceled). Quite a shame since I was looking forward to presenting these four images for our aperture and motion project.

In total they expect about 10″ (so far we’re at 6″). Unfortunately tomorrow will be sunny and 40°F so it will be all gone by the weekend.

Leaning branches under the weight of the snow

Click below to see all 15 pictures.

My car got clobbered with snow

Compare it to this shot when it was warmer.

Snowy street

Weed trying to stay upright in the snow

I love icy/snowy tree branches in the winter

We still have leaves?

Creek’s still flowing!

My Camera Drying Off After Taking a Soak This Morning

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