Day at Yangmingshan National Park

We began our morning with an early breakfast and catching a bus behind the train stationto Yangmingshan National Park. Once you  get to the park, there are local circular buses within the park to take you around. They get very crowded. The park is large and not too far from the city. You can easily spend an entire day there wandering and hiking from one area to another. We were fortunate to have a beautiful day, only one of a few on this three-week trip.


The famous Seven Star Mountain with Taiwan’s largest dormant volcano. Around the area are numerous hot springs and some bath houses to relax or just soak your feet after a long day’s hike.
Panorama vista from an overlook in a short hike through bamboo.
Milk Lake
There are many interesting looking trees.

IMG_5932 IMG_5942 IMG_5948 IMG_5958 IMG_5964 IMG_5966 IMG_5999

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