222/365 – August 10, 2009 – A Little Italian

This was shot for Macro Monday‘s theme of "A Little Italian."

I recently replaced the shower head on my shower with this one from amazon.com because the other one got leaky in one of the fittings. It’s a really neat shower head that has all sorts of settings and a removable head. You’ll have to see the link at Amazon to get a better overall view. So, how does this fit in with Macro Mondays? Well, the Romans were one of the first to build large scale aqueducts to supply the empire with clean water to drink and bathe. So thanks to their modern achievements, we don’t have to scoop buckets of water from a well!

Large on WHITE and BLACK because I can’t decide.

In other news, I’m about to hit 11,000 hits on my photostream, thanks everyone! The jump from 10k to 11k didn’t take long at all!

EXIF: f/3.5 | 1/60 sec. | ISO 100 | 100mm
Camera: Sony DSLR-A300
Lens: Sony 100mm F/2.8 Macro (SAL-100M28)
Flash: Sony HVL-F58AM

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