183/365 – July 3, 2009 – Kaboom Town

Watched Addison’s Kaboom Town 2009 Fireworks show this evening. I must say, the fireworks were quite lame and slow, to put it lightly. A couple pauses where not much was happening or the fireworks were tiny and very sparse. I have no idea how they made the nation’s Top 10. Looking forward to a better show tomorrow, hopefully it will be like last year’s balloon festival of all places. There were tons of people there though and I had a good time at the WW2 plane flyovers and concert performances.

More pictures to come over the next week.

Independence Day parade and fireworks tomorrow!

Large on black.

One thought on “183/365 – July 3, 2009 – Kaboom Town”

  1. I launched my own fireworks when I went camping in OK for July 4th weekend. At that moment I was wishing I had your camera. I was soooo close to the fireworks yet my crappy camera could not take any awesome pictures of it. *sigh*

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