145/365 – May 25, 2009 – hynix

145/365 – May 25, 2009 – hynix, originally uploaded by .dr4gon.

Shot for Macro Monday’s "Memories" Theme.

I think many in MM took photos of long lasting, enduring memories, but here is my interpretation of a temporary short term memory. This is a macro of an old stick of 512MB of DDR2 from my old Toshiba laptop. The laptop has since been replaced with an EEE PC, but I still have this old stick.

RAM is what is inside your computer which temporarily stores the necessary data to run your programs and operating system. It’s what Photoshop can’t get enough of (clogging up my 4 gigs on my desktop). The brand on these chips is hynix, the world’s second largest DRAM producer, behind Samsung.

Anyways, hope everyone had a nice rested long Memorial Day weekend.

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