2 thoughts on “141/365 – May 21, 2009 – When Less is More”

  1. OMG did you write a lot. Remember my old mp3 player? It was a Sansa too. The thing is, once you add in a MicroSD card, it slows down the device because it has to load all the songs on the actual device and on the car. I love how iPods just start up with one single touch.

    Sansa does have its perks, like the FM radio and recorder. However, although I’m still not a big Apple supporter, I love my iPod! I’m never going back!

    But it’s still not bad at all for 20 bucks. Dang, now I wrote as much as you. JK. 🙂

  2. Hey, someone is reading this here! Thanks for dropping by. I was bored at the lab last night. 😀

    I like how big my ipod is too, but it’s just to big to carry around!

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