127/365 – May 7, 2009 – Are you feeling lucky?

No access to Lightroom right now, so this is straight from the backyard to flickr.

Oh yeah, today May 7, 2009, marks my 1 year anniversary with my camera. I still think of it as my "new camera." 🙂 Ironically, I bought it at Circuit City which is no longer around. Quite a shame. I’m glad I’ve learned so much and have enjoyed using it. I think I have come quite a ways in a year’s time. Remembering back to the first few weeks, I was using AUTO mode and now I’ve progressed to aperture priority and at times, full manual. I’m also learning how to use light more effectively and some strobing techniques. At first (on AUTO mode), I was frustrated by the lack of nice looking pictures but I soon learned how to control the camera and capture what I envisioned.

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